This is all new for me, expressing my feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem talking them out with someone who I trust, but doing this blog is bigger than me. Its God’s doing. See I come from a foundation where you don’t share, care; you stick to your self, and your immediate family only. Growing up in that environment where there’s a level of secrecy and deception makes it hard for someone like me who does the complete opposite. I had a hard time following those guidelines leading to the constant arguments between my mother and I. I was the one who went against the grain and the rules. But not in a disrespectful matter. I just was able to be more open than everyone else around me. That is how God design me to be; to be different and at an early age I made the mental decision to do so, or more like God put that thought into fruition.

This past Sunday I had my water baptism at BT. The baptism signifying the worldly Wynee is dead and the Wynee with Christ within her is living. The journey towards salvation began for me back in October. A friend who at the time was attending BT’s Transition services for practically a year invited me. This young adult ministry literally transform and saves lives. When I got the invite to attend the service back in October on that Friday night; I was like sure why not, it’s a Friday, why not spend it in church then anywhere else. Now upon arrival, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit!!! I was late to the service, but I immediately felt something take over me, where I began to worship. I was moved to the point where when Pastor Todd called for those to come to the altar, I found myself walking down towards it. Praying to God, just talking to him, telling him what was in my heart. I remember telling myself that I want to come here every time that there was a service schedule. I went home that night telling my friend Regina Ann*. Describing to her everything. She got soo excited that she invited herself before I even got the chance to. Like I really wanted to know, what it was like to invite someone to church, and have them say yes! LOL!!
And that’s what happen. Regardless of how the weather was, Regina Ann* and I was attending the services. Radically our lives began to change, shredding our old ways. That was God working. I began notices the change in me noticing that I was turning more to God, and leaving the worldliness behind.

Then came April 4, 2014 that was the turning point of my life. It was Compel Night at Transitions. That was the night I publicly declared to received Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I became saved. Again all of God’s doing. From that moment on God placed in my heart to get baptize, which occurred this Sunday, June 1st, 2014. God is amazing on how he works. His timeline is always on time. My water baptism was a moment that was bigger than me. I was selected to be the public representation of the baptism at BT. Meaning that the entire congregation and podcasters were going to witness me getting baptized live. I was questioning why me? Like why was I selected? A couple of day’s prior, I was telephoned by a member of the church on a request of sending in my personal story. So I said, again, why me God? For I didn’t understand why I was selected, but I obediently submitted the story realizing that this was a sign from God, his way of showing me I am on the right path. I took heed from that. Then came this Sunday, where my personal story was selected and read lived by the head Pastor. I was in the pool of water, holding on the hands of the pastors, chanting, “let the burdens be buried in the water”. Once the head Pastor began reading my story I started singing “Holy Spirit you are welcome here, come flood this place and fill the atmosphere”. The moment was bigger than me; I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit taking over. The pastors dip me in the water; I raised up with my hands to the heavens, literally saying Hallelujah, Praise God!!

He is soo amazing like that, and he has been directing me towards the baptism and moving forward from Sunday in the living day.

Like right now, me writing this blog. I already have a Tumblr (which is But doing this blog is also God directing me to share what’s truly in my heart, something that I am getting better at doing. God is directing my footsteps and with this path that I am on. He has total complete control. I am just a mere passenger with Jesus taking the wheel.

So as you ask why is this name Wyn’s Playlist, usually when you think of playlist, you think of soundtracks right? Exactly! Life is just like that. I am a music lover, like I immediately stop doing something once I hear a beat that I like. Life to me is a soundtrack, I’m just using gospel/Christian music to be the soundtrack of my life. Every moment in life to me has a perfect song that accords to it. Like for this post I want to recommend Multiplied by NeedToBreathe. This song was presented to my life recently, and I had it on constant repeat. Listening to the awesomeness of how of amazing God’s love is!!

Happy Reading! God Bless!! Xo

Wyn’s Playlist

(* denotes that the name has been change for privacy reasons)


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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! There’s bravery in telling how you feel! I totally can relate to having a similar upbringing. My parents are from the Caribbean and South America and pretty comfortable in their ideologies. I’ve come to understand that as growing Christians we just gotta pray for our loved ones. Let Go and Let God!! I’m looking forward to reading more posts!

    Congrats on getting SAVED! The best is yet to come!!

    1. wynganthier says:

      Thanks for reading!!! Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement!! Yes! As growing Christians we do have to pray for our loved ones, and ask God to watch over them. God Bless you!!! Xo

  2. David says:

    The Joy we get in Knowing Christ is overwhelming. I’m so glad you’ve found this Joy. I pray that God will give us the grace to grow more in the knowlegde of Him. Congrats on your baptism too! Was an amazing experience for me too. Thanks for sharing the song! God bless you sis! 🙂

    1. wynganthier says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting!! YES!! There is such amazing overwhelming joy in Knowing Jesus Christ!! We have to always thank God for Jesus because he is our salvation. His ways are the ways we must desire to be. God bless you!!!!

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