Out of Hiding

There is nothing like clean hair. That so fresh fresh, so clean clean feeling is everything! I am learning how to manage my own hair and trust me it is a process. But it is also teaching me how to love myself and have some TLC with my hair. Before I used to go to […]

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Forgive Me

Today is one of those days I believe God is telling me to look up. I am actually hearing him as he tells me to do so. There has been a constant battle to lose any amounts of control that I have tried to withhold from God. It is crazy how you do not even […]

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Fix You

I’m crying. What else is new. Tears flow because of the pain in my heart. Years of buildup and frustration. I am also extra hormonal because my hormones have been out of whack. I need you Jesus. I need you right now at this very moment because I am crying. I am coming off defensive. […]

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