Ever Be

Your love is devoted, Like a ring of solid gold Like a vow that is tested  Like a covenant of old Your love is enduring  Through the winter rain And beyond the horizon  With mercy for today  5/24/16 I cannot be still for nothing God. Please heal these feelings, that are coming to me. What is […]

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White Flag 

5/18/16 Father God, the veil was torn last night. You revealed to me truths that have been buried deep, and now surfaced to the light that are now out. I seek you for answers and truth, and just acknowledging you are the only one that holds all the answers.  Father God, talking to my cousin […]

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I’ll Be The One 

“You’ve been searching for someone Who’ll stand in the gap  And you’ve been searching for someone Who will give you their all.  Here I am Lord, here’s my life Lord” 5/13/16 I still battle a lot of things God, one of them is wanting to be seen and glorified. I am sorry that this is […]

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By Myself 

Can’t make it without you, Oh God 5/8/16 Father God, I need you to show me how to not make things easy for the devil. Show me how to fight God. Please show me.  Father God it seems that for a very long time I have been in denial about my insensitivity, and lack of […]

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Holy Spirit

There’s nothing worth more, that will ever come close No thing can compare, you’re our living hope  Your presence Lord  5/6/16 Father God I haven’t been in your word enough and I’m sorry. I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I know you will be there. God you are telling me to give up my dreams, […]

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Made A Way

5/3/16 It’s hard to fight this validation crap.  Break down my walls God. Break them down and make a way. I just need you. I surrender so you can break down my walls and have my bondages. My yolks. Have it all. You made a way.  I don’t pour into others God. I’m not selfless. […]

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