Enduring Love

The church in Corinth lost its first love for Jesus Christ. They maintained their spiritual activities but did them without love. Many people in today’s church face the same problem. They have become so consumed by committees, rules, programs, and personal agendas that they have forgotten about love. So many Christians today have lost their […]

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Reach For Me

I don’t believe what you tell me about my ribcage God. The only thing that you’ve made clear is that I’m suppose to take the offer at my school. So I took it. I ask for truths. I ask for clarity.  So what is it that you’ve wanted me to know about God? What is […]

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Awake my soul to sing  With your breath in me  I will worship,  You taught my feet  To dance upon disappointment And I, I will worship 6/1/16 Cast away these anxieties father God. I just banged the back of my head on the metal bars of this bus. Father God, I can’t deal with these […]

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Let It Happen 

5/30/16 It feeling like this summer is going to be the stepping stone of the blessings that are coming God.  I don’t want to stress out about my future any longer Abba. I surrender these fears and emotions on to you. I trust you first and foremost God, over the lies that are swimming within […]

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