Let There Be Light 

“When you speak  Darkness has to bow  Confusion has its final hour When your speak Mountains rise and fall It’s tears down every wall around me” 7/26/16 I want to chop off all of my hair God. I feel like it was a mistake for me to get braids, all it did was left me […]

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Even When it Hurts 

“Even when the morning comes I’ll praise you  Even when the fight is won  I’ll praise you  Even when my time on earth is done  Louder then I’ll sing your praise  I will only sing your praise” 7/21/16 Father God, you have me in this wilderness. It’s been real, these last several days for me. I […]

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Prince of Peace 

“Oh, be still my heart My soul will ever know that you are God  Oh, be still my heart  My soul will ever know that you are God” I had a weird dream last night. I was so tired last night, that I past out when I was on the phone in the middle of praying […]

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Draw Near

Draw near to us o’ God  As we draw near  As we come close to your heart  You’re our deepest hearts desire  Come and meet us in where we are  Find here that which you are drawn to  A broken and contrite heart  With hearts wide open  We sing our song to to you With […]

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