The Truth About The World

9/15/16 I apologize Abba for putting people on pedestals. I place them there. I apologize for what I have been doing. Lord, I need you in these weary days, that I face where I’m just needing you to guide me in seeing, and recognizing this about myself. Father God, why do I do this? I […]

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Back To You

I see the damage that I’ve done  And I’ve heard the one who gave me love 9/4/16 It constantly feels like I’m failing. I don’t want to talk about them: why are you pushing me to talk about people who are doing them. It’s been restful in Long Island God, truly came face to face […]

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Always Have 

“Your Story The Stillness” 8/19/16 Doing the big chop has been amazing God. Thank you for the chains breaking, and the bondages that have been broken because of this. Thank you for what you have been doing. Father God, decrease me so that you may only increase. I’m going to be in a new building, […]

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