Prayer Entry #1

Father God be with your daughter, you know every strand on her head, just be with her God. She needs you in facing the realities of her decisions, and understanding what you’ve allowed her to walk through, is all part of her purpose and testimony.  Father God, be with your daughter as she begins to […]

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Have You Seen

Have you seen my current theme? Have you seen that my current theme has not changed since the survival of the hunger games? Have you seen my mockery? Have you seen my battles with flesh as it dies? Have you seen my consistencies that change the way that I play this game? Have you seen […]

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Take Me There 

Take me to the place where your peace and you love overflows Where my heart is set free from all the shame and guilt, Chains are undone. Take me there. Take me there. 10/30/16 God work in me to see things not in fear but spiritually. I pray for higher discernment God, and understanding through […]

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You keep overwhelming me  You keep on rushing in, and I can’t breathe Suffocating over you And I can’t escape I’m in too deep This must be the way it feels When you’re drowning When you’re drowning When you’re drowning  10/16/16 Father God today as I’m getting ready to head over to the Breast Cancer […]

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Still Small Voice 

Are You in still small voice Are You in the roaring thunder Maybe You’re the inner peace  Maybe You’re the cloud of wonder 10/12/16 I’m that broken person, who easily trusts the world. I’m that broken God, who says things without thinking. I’m that broken person, who doesn’t know how to be a friend. I’m […]

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She’s spoken She’s broken  Forever chosen, forever spoken  Bonds are broken  Words are choking  She has chosen her female purpose Her platform was not chosen  Her purpose was not driven  All things Christ is not in it What can she get away with  Nothing, the Lord dealt with it  Her past is the last chance  […]

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That’s why she’s walking through the mountain That’s why she’s getting prune He is healthy He is prune He loves but don’t know what to do Her touch he lingers for Her muse to abuse No matter what the outcome, he chooses you   She’s a victim in paradise Thinks all the marbles are nice […]

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