She’s spoken

She’s broken 

Forever chosen, forever spoken 

Bonds are broken 

Words are choking 

She has chosen her female purpose

Her platform was not chosen 

Her purpose was not driven 

All things Christ is not in it

What can she get away with 

Nothing, the Lord dealt with it 

Her past is the last chance 

Her purpose has no stance

Whatever they do, it’s up to you 

Whatever they say, you the truth

The past is undone, the words are unwrought 

Say what you say, but mean what you do

Forever and true are in you 

Holy Lamb is what you choose 

Thank you for being true

So done of well put rules 

Highlight what’s good in you

My sights are stuck on you 

You’re good, release on two 




2 Comments Add yours

  1. 🎼 make me a believer by Andy Mineo popped up in my head. 🎼 amen my sister, bars!!! Folks are fake, and it’s too real with the facades of break and take!!! Keep being poetic in your truths boo!!! ✨✨✨ love you!!!

    1. I can’t with you!! Love you too boo!! Xoxo

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