Prayer Entry #1

Father God be with your daughter, you know every strand on her head, just be with her God. She needs you in facing the realities of her decisions, and understanding what you’ve allowed her to walk through, is all part of her purpose and testimony. 

Father God, be with your daughter as she begins to transition to womanhood, from the in between phase she’s in now. Be with your daughter as she chooses to trust you, and lean on you as you guide her. Father I pray through her revelations, she open eyes, and she sees that she cannot do this on her own. 

Her reject for needing help from others, creates the self-made facades of false dependence. She cannot do this on her own. Father God, surround her with sisters, and her family who will truly push her to draw closer to you God. Push your daughter to see things from your views of infinite wisdom. 

Father God, lead this beautiful daughter down your ways and paths. For as we all once thought we knew better than you God, when the truth is, we never will. Father God, you have her and thy will be done. Thy kingdom come. In Jesus name, we say amen.

: God has pressed it on my heart to start writing out prayers for his daughters, my sisters. So this is the first entry. I am truly shock that God is creating this space in my blog dedicated to prayers for his daughters. I am in awe as he will take over and put the words in my heart to write out. God you lead I just say yes to your plans for this blog. Amen. 


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  1. ✊🏼👊🏼👏🏼👋🏼😽 THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND!!! I’m so proud of you and amen! *sidenote* you like my cat —>😸 his name is fluffy. 😂😂😂

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