He needs her to stand and win The battles in the battle ground Victory is in this The wrong alignment isn’t for brother He knows she has his heart  HER alignment is for brother He knows it’s her He needs her and wants to win He chooses to win Brother knows what to do Brother […]

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Prayer Entry #2

11/23/16 Father God, I come to lift up my sister Nicole* in prayer. Father God be with her as you have been prompting her with truths that she has been ignoring. Continue to be the one to guide her path to be align with you, and not lean on her own understanding. Move her out […]

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The party has started  He’s letting the army, go see the victory So get started Words matter untattered  Freedom in victory is where it started  Be free Seek peace  Words matter uncharted Brother is disable, because of what he started Brother is real, but not in reality  Brother stands, but not glances  He dances but […]

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3:35 am

3:35 am  She’s ahead and not stopping  It’s a stead that the dews comes in I need joy to know mourning  I need joy to know mourning  I need joy to know mourning  She’s redeemed Release, I’m free to know the victory  I need to know joy to know mourning I need to know joy […]

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I cannot feel your love so strong and still,  From where I’ve hidden. I cannot hear your voice above my will,  But still You listen. 11/12/16 I don’t understand why I can’t shake this bothersome feeling of wanting to tell the principal of my job “you suck!” I have a deep urge of wanting to […]

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Saviour King 

Let now the weak say I have strength By the spirit of power that raised Christ from the dead Let now the poor stand and confess  That my portion is Him and I’m more than blessed  Let now our hearts burn with a flame  A fire consuming all for your Son’s holy name  And with the […]

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Worship Reveal 

I had a crazy dream recently, where at one point I was in the building of my job, with some of my colleagues. I was in front of them like in a line, and saw one of my supervisors, talking to a student on the benches by their office. Both the supervisor and the student, […]

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