3:35 am

3:35 am 

She’s ahead and not stopping 

It’s a stead that the dews comes in

I need joy to know mourning 

I need joy to know mourning 

I need joy to know mourning 

She’s redeemed

Release, I’m free to know the victory 

I need to know joy to know mourning

I need to know joy to know mourning 

I need to know joy to know mourning 

I need joy to mourning 

Need joy to know mourning

Need pain to find glory 

Need to be redeemed 

Choose fear over love to get haunted and wanted

To be seen I chase the scene

I don’t see what you want me to see

I want confidence in what is order 

I don’t want distort or disorder 

To what is the victory 

Jesus release me please

I choose to be free

I want to be free

I’m getting I’m dying 

I’m lying in this poetry probability 

The sea is deep to what to believe

The lies are misguides to what has to die

I want truth but don’t want you to see that I’m something that spills poison on to the onscreen 

I lie because it hides

So victim becomes routine

I choose to be free but it’s not seen 

I’m a victim of conformity 

I’m a victim of parody 

You want rhymes, so does lies 

I can’t change, I’m trapped 

I’m a victim of this wrap 

You want a path that’s hard for us 

God is vine, he wants the path that’s hard for us

 We want what’s hard in our turf

I did it and still have to surrender 

When it was short lived 

It just begun and I’m joining 

Take that however you want 

You’re not alone, you never was 

You had to wait for us to catch up 

Now we’re done 

Stop arriving before the stop 

We’re here as one, that separation won’t won

You can keep it

It meets the music 

And feeds the feeder

I’m just the teller that needs the savior and what’s his purpose

I’m so broken and over it 

I’m so hurt and damaging 

I’m so agonizing over everything 

I need his freedom to believe again 

I wont go when I’m not bottled 

I want purpose or his freedom

There’s something that’s happening with my chest 

It’s a race mode or a pace, is what I get

He made his decision based on warranty 

He choose her due to his fear of you 

You don’t “need him because he’s slim, dim and coldly not boldly trims”

You need him because he’s all of it 

That’s what you fear not the truth 

You trust the truth when you don’t want to

You went ahead and now you must wait for him

It’s 3:55 am


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  1. Bars my sister!!! You’re coming into your poetic voice!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I’m so excited for you!!!

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