He needs her to stand and win

The battles in the battle ground

Victory is in this

The wrong alignment isn’t for brother

He knows she has his heart 

HER alignment is for brother

He knows it’s her

He needs her and wants to win

He chooses to win

Brother knows what to do

Brother chooses you

Brother chooses truth 

Trust the process that leads to you

No shelter for you

Declaration popped up

It’s not wrong

Brother knows it’s you 

He chooses truth 

Schemes knows the new 

Schemes knows the truth 

Schemes wants the food or blues 

There’s no fear in here

Schemes chooses to hurt the truth 

Tell what’s new 

Old life what’s new 

Old life what’s new 

He chooses you 

Brother chooses truth 

It’s time to trust truth 

It’s time to choose 

He chooses new 

She chooses new 

She chooses new

Brother chooses new 

2017 is the freedom

The Lab is true

Lies wants to hurt me 

Lies choose truth 

They are dead 

Not yet in spirit 

Brother is fazing out of familiar places 

But not yet 

Lies are dead 


The family accepted what’s to be 

But it’s not yet 


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