Prayer Entry #2


Father God, I come to lift up my sister Nicole* in prayer. Father God be with her as you have been prompting her with truths that she has been ignoring. Continue to be the one to guide her path to be align with you, and not lean on her own understanding. Move her out of her own way God. Father God, show her that your love is the healing and the meal that she needs. What she is looking for will not be satisfy somewhere else, but only in you. Lord you have this, take the wheel on her life. I lift her up to you because you are the Father of the perfect Son, who gave the world the blood to change us. To shed us. Shed her old wine skin Lord, to a new one. Shed her ways Lord to new ones to look more like you. Father, part the seas in her life to find freedom in Jesus. I pray for her peace Lord. Amen. 

Note: I’ve been wrestling with God with posting my prayers. I felt that they should be kept hidden, but as God continues to work in me and my vulnerability, I surrender the control of me holding myself back from others on who God is calling me to be. As I am lead or heart pressed to write prayers for my brothers and sisters in Christ, I know that God is pushing me outside of my comfort zone. 

(* denotes name change for privacy reasons)


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  1. Your obedience is inspiring

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