Survival Mode

Lord, I need you with my finances,  It’s a struggle to get a reimbursement,  and the money is still so little.  Like how am I suppose to survive? They don’t understand my struggle, as my stomach grumbles.  I truly am just struggling, with the size that I am,  a medium from an extra large, doesn’t […]

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Victory in His Grace 

God I surrender what I’ve blamed, just letting go of the broken cycle.  I thought was the way.  I choose your way.  I let down everything.  I just lay it all down.  Take away the deep clinging to brokenness that I’ve laid and made my bed in God.  Take away the foolishness of my accord […]

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Let You Go

We have sought the truth when we’ve felt the pain Even wandered beyond our faith in the name We cannot pretend we are always ok We cannot depend on fast food grace They don’t know my struggles. They don’t know my feelings. Who is “they” the unity that tolerates disrespect. I never looked like Regina […]

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In Sync

We’re not in sync  He’s not in this  He’s not welcome here  I’m tired of the same ruse, the same abuse I choose truth not you The lies that have been recorded and audited will never be gleam.  I’m done with this stuff with rhyming and gliding, trying to find the words to mix clean […]

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Seek First 

Peace that passes, my understanding  Love that conquers, my fear and regret  Joy unending, eternal mleasure In your presence, my risen King 1/9/17 God am I negative? Then show me how to be in love. Show me how to surrender this flesh fire that I have within my heart. Show me how to not have […]

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Glory To The Lamb

Glory to the Lamb Glory to the Lamb Glory to the Lamb  Everybody sing (Glory to the Lamb)  We sing (Glory to the Lamb) We give our (Glory to the Lamb) We sing (Glory to the Lamb) 1/4/17 Lord, work in me. Something is stirring. This is hard. This is hard. Only you God can […]

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I’m a wasted time A wasted space Is how I feel I’m a wasted flaw A wasted child A wasted joke I’m unreal Not in love Not for sure Not enough Don’t want no more They don’t know  What to say They can’t relate  Because they’re not in my space or race  Hurt for hurt […]

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