In Sync

We’re not in sync 

He’s not in this 

He’s not welcome here 

I’m tired of the same ruse, the same abuse

I choose truth not you

The lies that have been recorded and audited will never be gleam. 

I’m done with this stuff with rhyming and gliding, trying to find the words to mix clean

I don’t want this nor him

He doesn’t want this is what I perceive because of how He is treating me. 

I think I’m a calling of avoiding what’s meant to be 

I’m the one that’s hoarding things all in

I don’t want his sex, his bliss, I just want His truth to be free from all of this

I just want his kiss to be real

I just want his touch to be sincere 

I don’t doubt his love, I choose to feed fear which corrupts his love 

Can’t stand fear, it’s no where near and that’s real 

That’s an inconsistency in our communication God

I come to you wanting to know how to press on

Wanting to know how to get far, but you don’t answer me though

You tell me to hold on 

You tell me to let go, so I let go

What else is the lie 

He’s not free, he stays wealthy in a world full of lies 

He picks freedom because he knows it involves you 

He doesn’t talk to me about his love, so I have to go search for it elsewhere 

I have to go look for it somewhere 

Since I’m not good enough or cute enough to be the one he needs near
For a while now I was seeking, no amount of makeup could keep secret nor peeking the details of dreams railed. 
I choose to let go and seek soul not the world or what I know

I exchange regurgitated for greatness

Exchange repeats for newness

Exchange anger for joy 

Seek peace upon all 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Fire!!! You’re growing in your spoken word 😍 so proud of you!!!

    1. It’s all God sis!! It’s his doing solely!

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