Victory in His Grace 

God I surrender what I’ve blamed,

just letting go of the broken cycle. 

I thought was the way. 

I choose your way. 

I let down everything. 

I just lay it all down. 

Take away the deep clinging to brokenness that I’ve laid and made my bed in God. 

Take away the foolishness of my accord not of you 

Take away the lies and the scales that I gave the world to make real 

Take away the cheap thrills and meals to satisfy the hunger that only you fully fill

Take away the bondages that I find the rope to bond up in 

Take away the chains to the keys that I’ve locked myself in 

Take away the strings that are a part of my broken acquired DNA 

Take away the ways that I thought I could and should change 

Thinking I could do certain things my way and changing how I should look 

I didn’t want your healing

I just wanted what you can come with, a river of betterment to bandaid my healing 

I just wanted your reaping without harvesting or planting your fruitful seeds in the garden 

God I wanted what was free without being redeemed to your glory

Change my mind to receive what’s worthy of you and receives your glory

Make me over God

Change my eyes and smiles to be filled of love and not lies

Show me how to fully love myself and not look back like last time 

Show me how to love your sons and daughters without a mascot of odors and dismays

Show me the way as I say yes to today and not the reels of yesterday 

No longer vibing, or shining because it’s only your light that needs to be seen


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  1. Bars spoken word. I love your growing voice and artistry songwriter!!! 💋

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