Choose To Be

Brother choose to be undone 

Brother chooses to be 

a partner in this race

She stole his heart

Brother didn’t know he wanted a heart

Brother chooses short cuts

Brother knew marrying her 

would bring misery

Brother didn’t want to love hard 

because she stole his heart 

Brother chooses his flesh

Now the time has come 

for no more short runs

Brother realized he made a mistake 

By choosing his ways

Seeing the undone his way

Choosing this pace 

Choosing this race

Brother choose his way 

instead of His Way

Brother knows what he’s done 

Brother knows he’s undone 

Brother stands and waits

For what the Lord has to say

Redeem his son

Choice undone 

Brother knows what he’s done was wrong 

Once he’s reflecting and rejecting 

The more I am accountable 

The more I choose to feel to be free

That’s why they’re awkward 

The more he chooses to see

Brother and I are connected in a deep way

Brother and I will be set free

Ribcage sees Brother is free 

Brother doesn’t want to choose truth 

But he has to

I would rather walk through fears

then be paralyzed anymore years

Brother can’t be pregnant by her

It’s not his calling or his ministry

A baby won’t change his brokenness

Brother can’t be a father 

And remain in the lies

Brother has to change his sheets

Brother’s bed

They smell to each other 

Brother has to change the weep

Brother has to change 

who he serves

Brother has to change 

the master he observes 

Brother has to change 

the master he curves: God 

Brother has to be the beauty 

that is reflected in He 

Brother has to see sound cries 

are not soft lies 

Their souls cries to be free

Brother knows he’s free 

but does he want to be….



4 Comments Add yours

  1. You better multi task with your bars and spoken word of truth!!! 💋💋

  2. This is so powerful! Wow!

    1. Thank you! Greatly appreciate it! Blessings!!

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