Will I have full hair Will I ever fully hear I’m so tired of you Then you have this dude, full of rage and lies able to live in his sin And you blocked our sins Writing about it doesn’t do justice  Everyday I have trauma worried about getting beaten or raped His (man’s) love […]

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Father God, It’s been real these last few weeks to days leading up to end of March. Father God how stillness is just a wrestle for me, when I’m so used to finding like so many things to do to keep myself busy, and push for productivity. But trusting you God in the midst of […]

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Thank You God

Father God,  I am just perplexed that I’m in this temporary but unknowing season of employment with Regina Ann*. I don’t know how to come to you, when I just am seeking you for reassurance God that everything is going to be okay. Father God, as I write out to you how I feel, the […]

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It’s so hard for me to understand.  I have a hard time understanding what I’m asking for. That’s what bothers me. It’s very frustrating.  That’s why I want to give up. In my core I just want God. What is a leap of faith? Where am I even leaping?  What does it look like? Does […]

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I’m afraid for him to touch me I’m afraid I can’t express it Something popped with him Like how he sees me I don’t know something popped  Something popped for him Or for me and something I now see I can’t  I don’t want  I’m a virgin I can’t  I want out I can make […]

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Behold (Part II)

3/23/17 Being still is very hard for me Father God, as I come to you no longer wanting to get suck in the reels of the Explorer page of Instagram. I lay down my desires with cosmetics, skin care, beauty regiments, and hair, body, nails.  God I truly desire, and I come to lay it […]

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She knows she lost him already.  Her sins are wanting to  keep her in bondages  so that she doesn’t lay  them down and release freedom  from him or for him.  She doesn’t want him  seemingly to become better than them.  She doesn’t want it. So she remains in her stench.  God is like I have […]

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