I’m in a foreign space. 

Unfamiliar space with you God. 

I’m in a new change that you continued to prove change. 

God how I need you. 

It’s going to be three years since that date, and I have to walk through what I have to walk through to still choose you, no matter what warrants do. 

God I’m not confuse, 

I choose the new dew that leads to growing, and to identify the pains that leads me to trusting you. 

It’s weird writing, because I haven’t done so like I used to, but I don’t rush at starting what I don’t choose. 

Understanding that everything has a purpose makes sense, when you’re not the one stalling. I’m rhyming on things that I’ve been avoiding, like this calling, or industry that’s your choice for me. Show me what I meant to be, it’s not just boring. Maybe it’s just not meant to be is the falling. God there’s only one of you, and enough of me, don’t feel like starring in the dreams with unexpected scenes. 

Cultural idols and identities are what these moment are addressing. 

The freedom that I choose to be, not the brokenness to be accepted. 

God is for you and me, do not believe what’s not of Him. 

Jesus saved me, please believe He’ll do the same in a heartbeat again. 

God I’m empty, needing you to fill me up again. God when you say I’m ready, I’ll go undefeated in the lion’s den. 

God steady me, so that I’m prepared for what’s up ahead. 

You already go before me, feet planted on His rock I stand. 

Ready, the victory confirms Him. 

It’s steady, the waves 

and sea bowed down to him. 



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