Exposed the media and expectations 

And how the media made me believe I wasn’t good enough 

So what do you do when people make me want to believe I’m the help 

I feel like I would never be accepted 

I don’t match

I don’t match 

I don’t match 

I try to be intentional about what I buy so I match

I don’t match

I don’t match

I don’t match 

He’s not going to always be around me

He can’t cover me with intentionality to stop humans from breaking me

Others can have no money and still look like a million bucks 

I’ll never be accepted as an image that should be loved 

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like protection 

Sometimes it feels like rejection 

God told him to move slow

And to not let go

I had to get on my flight 

I want him to win 

If he has to win without me then that’s okay 

I cannot walk through this slamming 

Humans slam me

He does a very good job with observing my curves 

I got comfortable with my curves 

He knows where I’m at 

He knows what I’m struggling with 

I feel like I’ve aged ten years 

I look forty or fifty because that’s how I feel

This is hard 

I still say yes 

I choose God in this 

When I get attacked it’s during truths God gives me

I need God to walk me

Through hair, skin and beauty 

I want to be toned

I want to be in a gym

I want to lose weight 

He needs to be healthier 

He has to because of his voice 

He might have stomach issues 

I could be wrong 

I’m just talking now

no need to hear me

He sees my pregnancies 

How my stomach becomes 

The fully belly wobbling 

He still says yes to all of this 


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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing

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