Alabama change our lives God. 

It truly awaken something 

in our core within the depths 

of Regina Ann* and I. 

Father God following the trip 

I chopped off all of my hair, 

unafraid to start 

from scratch all over again. 

I was way too excited 

to take the leap with my hair; 

however, the trip to Birmingham 

was a different leap. 

It was a challenge 

to full throttle trust you 

with the trip because 

it wasn’t about who 

I was going to encounter or see, 

but it was about whom 

I’m going to leave behind, 

and in turn be. 

It was about me trusting 

you just off the eve 

from resigning from 

a teacher residency 

that both Regina Ann* and I 

were involved in. 

To trust you in 

not looking back 

and to move forward. 

Father God there’s something 

that my soul wants more 

than Birmingham, AL. 

That wants more then 

the freedom of my chopped hair. 

Just wanting to be with him and you, 

wanting your way first 

and foremost for me, 

and only wanting 

your ways solely. 

Father God as I wrestle 

with you on being still 

when I want to make moves 

and make trails for the path 

that you’ve laid for me. 

The blank canvas 

that you now 

have me in waiting, 

as I wait for you to 

tell me where go to 

the next chapters and destinies 

that you have called 

the mountains to move, 

and the waves to part 

for what you have for me. 

He pushes me, 

more than I can ever 

know or see. 

Father God thank you for him. 

Thank you for new beginnings, 

doors closing for 

the new ones to open. 

Father God thank you 

for the unknown so 

that I can grow into 

what you’ve known for me to be. 

Thank you for the new starts 

and projects, new ways to ideas 

and changes in thinking. 

Father God you used Birmingham, AL 

to show me why 

you’re way is the best way. 

Father God, as you 

open the door to new beginnings 

lead Regina Ann* and I 

every single step of the way. 

Father God, show us 

and reveal to us your truths, 

and your promises. 

Wrestle with us 

when our flesh tries to take over 

and lie to us that 

our broken ways are better, 

when they are not. 

Father God leads us. 

I pray for more leaps and adventures. 

I pray for more travel and 

more exquisite moments 

where your presence is known 

and gratitude is expressed to you. 

Father God, you have the course 

of my life and 

every one of your children’s. 

Father God, I pray for 

pressing forward 

and never turning back. 

I pray to trust the glory to glory 

even when moments are hard. 

Father God, I pray to trust 

the peace you give me 

in the midst of the foolishness 

of doing you (God). 

I pray for your love 

to shine bright on us. 

I pray for him. Amen. 

(*denotes name change for privacy reasons) 


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  1. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 thank you for your bravery and transparency. God is working and moving sis. He’s imprinted all over your calling and anointing. It just gets better from this point 💋 love you

    1. Awww!! 🤗🤗😍😘😘🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾🙏🏾🙅🏾💜💞 love you too sis! Xoxo 💋

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