She knows she lost him already. 

Her sins are wanting to 

keep her in bondages 

so that she doesn’t lay 

them down and release freedom 

from him or for him. 

She doesn’t want him 

seemingly to become better than them. 

She doesn’t want it.

So she remains in her stench. 

God is like I have to cover her in prayer.

Because he doesn’t want this. 

He doesn’t want her.

He doesn’t want this or them.

He doesn’t want it.

God I pray for your spirit 

to move in their lives even more. 

You make the room 

for your presence to be experienced 

and to be known. 

In Jesus name make room. 



You know the way to go,

so choose truth.

He chose you. 

Not her nor the gold.

He wants no stakes to hold.

He wants no games 

through or over freedom 

that he can’t expose. 

Because he’s so to bold 

to let it all go.

He prays for hope. 

He prays you let go 

of control and 

choose peace beyond 

you and me and him and brother. 

He realizes it’s us he needs. 

He’s ready.



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