Will I have full hair

Will I ever fully hear

I’m so tired of you

Then you have this dude, full of rage and lies able to live in his sin

And you blocked our sins

Writing about it doesn’t do justice 

Everyday I have trauma worried about getting beaten or raped

His (man’s) love can’t save me

His (man’s) love doesn’t do anything 

The greatest love of all doesn’t do anything for me

The greatest love has me still here in the bed that I lay my eyes

Everyone else is so well off

The witch cried falsified rape, and gets to play games

I go no where 

The witch cried falsified rape and she’s better off than me

Apparently people respect you when you cry falsified rape, maybe I should cry rape too

I’m tired of today’s society

The witch got her masters, and you have me still

People in their sin doing them

I’m tired of today’s society 

I’m tired of the lies that stay hidden 

I don’t know anymore 

I’m tired of this season 

It’s time for the agencies

You hurt me 

You don’t even understand 

You block me from looking good 

People in flesh in their weave

When I’m doing what?

You don’t block their photo shoots 

But you’re blocking me

Don’t even know what to wear

Don’t even know what to be

The girl trying to do something 

out of poverty 

The witch cried falsified rape, and gets to be with redeemed

Who am I? 

The virgin that sits and waits

It’s a hallucination

Waiting on no contact return 

Waiting on people who don’t want to move on

They were very self centered 

They got their fame 

They got their money

And they now realize it wasn’t enough

Wynee didn’t know how to comb hair

Wynee needs to know the blush 

This dude is willing folks to come to him

These people are figment of imagination 

After today I will focus on God and Regina Ann*

I’m done after today

Wynee needs to take care of Wynee 

No one else is going to do it

I have no say in this house 

I don’t have a place of solace 

Even at that job I had no say

I can’t do this anymore 

I’m tired of struggling 

And you have the nerve to pull me out 

I just wanted my degree

I would have made it work

You already blocked being a lawyer 

I don’t even know what to do

I am tired of you stalling 

I’m so upset 

I’m tired

I’m tired of getting pulled out of stuff

I’m back at square one 

A black girl from Brooklyn, living with her parents

No one understands

People ignore the Spirit

to get ahead, and God is still with them 

No one understands 

I’m tired of this 

I don’t want to share 

No one wanted to share with me

No one invited me out

I didn’t have a car 

God blocked me from saving 

I’m always failing exams 

I’m tired of waiting for people 

Where is my set up

I need something 

No one is handing me an opportunity 

No one is holding me down 

No one knows my struggle 

I feel so tired of my life 

A thirty year old virgin that doesn’t know her worth 

Why are you preparing me for some man that’s doing him

It’s so uneasy to be in this house

Where’s the security in this house 

I wasn’t stressful at that job

I am more stressed in this house

I’m tired of talking 

Biggest lesson I learned to never speak up for myself again 

Laying down on my bed in the afternoon is not healthy

What is healthy?

I never want a man to be an excuse for me to not make moves 

That’s what I do make moves 

I don’t want a man to stop me

(*denotes name change for privacy)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. All the filters every single snapshot. All the feels and too real, I can read this over and over. We need to get you on a stage spoken word poet. Love you 😍💋

    1. 😘😘🤗🤗💞💋

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