4/17/17 God please move her. Please move Regina Ann* out of this. Father God, what can I do or say? Father God, please move her and pull her out. I am trying to hear from you Lord and just wanting to know what to do for her or how can I assist? God what job […]

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I don’t know what I want.  I just want God’s truths about me. I want truth about this place that I’m in.  The words that were repeated  for the 99th time don’t hurt enough.  The words that are express don’t trigger the back against the wall. The words don’t trigger being a fighter. The words […]

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April 12, 2017 Sensitivity to your voice along with aggressiveness habits conflict with each other father God. They also are affecting my relationship with you. I pray that I can truly learn from this moment, and just be more sensitive to your spirit. I pray that it’s starting to hurt enough. I’m afraid to get […]

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Jacked Up

I’m so jacked up when we left  It’s getting harder then God uses  the distance to pull out weeds Regina Ann* now admits  her lies inside no wonder she’s not with him he wanted to sex her up right in front of everybody  and then God made us leave  I’m not even with her like […]

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Been advocating for myself since eleven years old, and I got blocked  That’s my problem all three of them  are ahead and see what I can’t yet  that’s my problem I don’t know  where I will be next month so I need to stock up pursuit93 commentaries  bothered me deeply everyone saw this and she’s […]

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So where is He? The Bible says  He is our Father so where is He? People say  I’m aggressive  No honey, I just want to  hear from God. Others hear from God. People know  the voice of God yet nitpick and reject  what He commands. I’m just trying  to hear and understand. Why was she  […]

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Midnight Power

In awe of who you are The midnight hour  is your power.  The grace you show thee  is beyond worthy  You are an awesome God Shaken because the rocks  and stone within me  are disrupted to  radiate your praise I’m emitted with  your smitten of your glory.  I’m in awe of your glory  I’m in […]

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