He’s not right here 

He’s home with a church, with support, and his family

It’s just me and Regina Ann* foolishly on the phone, and ready to read the word

Am I not meek enough?

What virtue do I not possess?

Where I’m missing out on my blessings?

Her earthly father set her up

That’s why she’s not bowing down to her Heavenly Father 

That’s why I can’t be no entrepreneur 

I had debt galore,

I’m tired of all of them 

Get to be in their sin

Get to be winning 

Where’s my hand out

I need it

I’m tired of these women; females aren’t about seeing me successful 

I shouldn’t amount to anything is their attitude towards this 

They can have him

I should’ve never gone to Alabama cause of my expenses

Sending the message, messed me up 

I’m here on my bed, on the phone, about to read the word 

Because I choose to be a devoted Christian 

Regina Ann just wants to be in a situation where she doesn’t have smoke in her lungs, and her clothes don’t smell like smoke

How are you faithful?

She just got healthy 

Then you brought her brother back?

How are you faithful?

You are a Savior 

That isn’t helping me 

How is her plan not working if the son is back?

You block her from being healthy, and blocked me from saving 

How are you faithful?

He doesn’t have my problems 

He’s embarrassed he almost backslide, but he still would’ve bounced back

How are you faithful?

When the faithless win in sin?

They all have opening 

Every single one of them have opening 

And you want to close doors on me?

I’m laying down on this bed

Living for who? 

I’m just tired of here 

I’m tired of here 

I’m tired of hearing about man that has options, and opportunities, and the other one has a game system he can escape to, and a wife that has a family to be blind to how she got pawned off 

She’ll never be able to say

She doesn’t have work

She has options 

I don’t feel bad for the skinny one

She didn’t want to fight 

She easily gave up and let her man slide

Can you honestly say you tried?

The skinny one wanted it to be easy

She can never work for anywhere, but she’s a church that she’s trapped in

I want rapture to come 

Jesus asks “where you living for Me?” 

I was trying to 

But you pulled me out of my job 

You got me out here 

In these streets with no job

I will go back and forth 

with Jesus, I’m ready 

(*denotes name change for privacy reasons) 


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  1. Bars on top of bars. Love you

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