God Says 

It feels like everyone knows 

the voice of God but me

God says Be Free

I’m free regardless 

what comes to me

Unsure what’s to be 

God says let it all go

Did I create this connection 

so I’m no longer alone

I feel stranded by setbacks

It’s constant attacks 

Everyone freely makes mistakes 

but Wynee has to feel less than 

God says I didn’t know 

the seamless didn’t mean a calling

I wrestle with finances my way 

God says it’s not my calling 

God says she twisted her own words

God says she’s broken 

God says she wanted misery 

and company to be a theft 

God says she wanted me to

come for ribcage’s pockets 

I just want to be cheap 

so ribcage doesn’t spend money on me

Brother knows she’s cheap

because she wants to creep 

She doesn’t want me to be free

She doesn’t want me to thrive

She doesn’t want me to be alive 

in Jesus Christ 

It’s going to be a new wave: 

come as you are 

It’s a huge culture shock 

going from Sunday’s best 

to come as you are

Sunday best is with ribcage 

because he needs it

God says ribcage misses 

my Sunday’s best 

Ribcage misses seeing me

on Sunday’s period 

I need you God

I just need you

to help me understand 

I choose to walk through this 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I love you and your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

    1. All God sis! Love you!

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