In awe of who you are

The midnight hour 

is your power. 

The grace you show thee 

is beyond worthy 

You are an awesome God

Shaken because the rocks 

and stone within me 

are disrupted to 

radiate your praise

I'm emitted with 

your smitten of your glory. 

I'm in awe of your glory 

I'm in awe of your glory 

Tears are dripping 

because of the power of your name 

I'm shaken because 

of the power of your glory 

I'm smitten because of 

how much you love me 

It's not about the possessions, 

but about what 

you're repossessing our hearts

Take back what's yours Lord

It was always yours faithfully

So hear I stand in awe of your glory 

I'm just smitten by my King, who radiates the emission

of His glory

Freedom reigns 

The Crown remains 

to the King of Glory

Praise His Name. Amen