Been advocating for myself since eleven years old, and I got blocked 

That’s my problem

all three of them 

are ahead and see what I can’t yet 

that’s my problem

I don’t know 

where I will be next month

so I need to stock up

pursuit93 commentaries 

bothered me deeply

everyone saw this

and she’s the only one that said what others didn’t 

she’s in her sin 

and able to have 

sustainable income

just wanted a secret space

want to cook for Wynee

want to travel for Wynee

sit and look out a window

this one thing in my life

very minimal accomplishments 

that’s why I’m so competitive 

what’s my accomplishments

like doing math well

that I can’t even prove

that I know how to do

that’s a real situation 

to be twenty-nine and feel like I don’t have 

no accomplishments 

I can’t give my daughters dating advice

I can’t give my daughters any advice 

I can’t give my son dating advice

In the future when they ask

I say it didn’t work out that way for me 

I have an expectation on everything 

I have a look on everything 

That’s why I’m competitive 

People come for me and not for others

pursuit93 must have a lot of time on of her hands

God used her brokenness

to make me dig deep on where I’m really at

brother wanted to be with a young looking girl

that looks twice as old as him

that broken community can stay over there

I’ll never call them when I have a problem 

be the midnight community 

brother wanted that so be that then 

don’t get mad when you see you’re trapped

you’re security

when there’s no one to secure

there was no role for you to keep you 

they made that

who are you really securing?

Who are you securing in a trench coat ?

I don’t care about that deep ignorance 

that midnight building invests in people to expect a return in that investment 

there’s no pure motives 

we will never cross paths

thank God

security for what? 

you’re not real security 

if you’re showing up where ever you feel like it 

this is preference and favoritism 

because of looks

she wanted that man

she got him

aging on the inside 

looking twice her age 

not listening to God 

got her so far 

good for her 

and where she is: alone 

he knows big words 

for no reason 

married someone 

he didn’t know blindly 

God allowed him to be

fiscally successful but

completely blocked me

Bitterness in my tone hinders me, 

so I must come to God 

to be free. 


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