I can't continue to be ignorant
I can't keep eating this meal
I kept consuming a broken meal
I let go of November and Alabama
I let go of every human that hurt me
I need to learn how to love
I know how to condemn
I know how to be ignorant
I didn't know how to do this
I was half way
I took too long
I took too long
I dragged this out
and I didn't have to do that
I've been dragging this out
I can't scaffold my brokenness
I can't scaffold my messes
I trust your way and your timing God
I just let go of all my broken ways
I cry out to you God seeking you
I took too long to come to you
I feel so ashamed and so bad
I had unrealistic expectations
I pray that are crashed
I pray that are broken
I let go of being half-assed
I pray for a full language
of accountability of everything
I accept I messed up and let go
I let go of scaffolding my brokenness
I let go of holding onto the past