Father God, It’s been real these last few weeks to days leading up to end of March. Father God how stillness is just a wrestle for me, when I’m so used to finding like so many things to do to keep myself busy, and push for productivity. But trusting you God in the midst of […]

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Behold (Part II)

3/23/17 Being still is very hard for me Father God, as I come to you no longer wanting to get suck in the reels of the Explorer page of Instagram. I lay down my desires with cosmetics, skin care, beauty regiments, and hair, body, nails.  God I truly desire, and I come to lay it […]

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We get attacks through changes and breakthroughs  We get attacks through the dismantling of gauging how things are appearing in our eyes  We get attacked just because we chose to be obedient  We get attacked just because we choose to let go of what we use to do Changes create a segue to leap into […]

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Victory Belongs To Jesus 

Who will stand against the Lord No one can, no one will Who can stand against our King No one can, no one will  Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh Victory belongs to Jesus  Victory belongs to him  Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh Victory belongs to Jesus  Victory belongs to him I had a dream during my nap today God. In the […]

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Worship Reveal 

I had a crazy dream recently, where at one point I was in the building of my job, with some of my colleagues. I was in front of them like in a line, and saw one of my supervisors, talking to a student on the benches by their office. Both the supervisor and the student, […]

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