5/3/17 Father God, I come to you with thanksgiving on what this moment, and time of stillness that I am in. I come to you with gratitude and love for what you are doing in me. Father God, last night as I walked through a realization that lead to the surrendering of being controlling, possessive, […]

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We get attacks through changes and breakthroughs  We get attacks through the dismantling of gauging how things are appearing in our eyes  We get attacked just because we chose to be obedient  We get attacked just because we choose to let go of what we use to do Changes create a segue to leap into […]

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Choose To Be

Brother choose to be undone  Brother chooses to be  a partner in this race She stole his heart Brother didn’t know he wanted a heart Brother chooses short cuts Brother knew marrying her  would bring misery Brother didn’t want to love hard  because she stole his heart  Brother chooses his flesh Now the time has […]

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