Father God, It’s been real these last few weeks to days leading up to end of March. Father God how stillness is just a wrestle for me, when I’m so used to finding like so many things to do to keep myself busy, and push for productivity. But trusting you God in the midst of […]

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Let You Go

We have sought the truth when we’ve felt the pain Even wandered beyond our faith in the name We cannot pretend we are always ok We cannot depend on fast food grace They don’t know my struggles. They don’t know my feelings. Who is “they” the unity that tolerates disrespect. I never looked like Regina […]

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Seek First 

Peace that passes, my understanding  Love that conquers, my fear and regret  Joy unending, eternal mleasure In your presence, my risen King 1/9/17 God am I negative? Then show me how to be in love. Show me how to surrender this flesh fire that I have within my heart. Show me how to not have […]

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Glory To The Lamb

Glory to the Lamb Glory to the Lamb Glory to the Lamb  Everybody sing (Glory to the Lamb)  We sing (Glory to the Lamb) We give our (Glory to the Lamb) We sing (Glory to the Lamb) 1/4/17 Lord, work in me. Something is stirring. This is hard. This is hard. Only you God can […]

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Been traveling down these wide roads for so long  My heart’s been far from you  Ten-thousand miles gone  12/31/16 People are starting to come.  The streets are getting crowded,  victory is where Brother* started  back to play one,  victory is won  where Brother is His Son Oh, I wanna come near and give ya  Every […]

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Victory Belongs To Jesus 

Who will stand against the Lord No one can, no one will Who can stand against our King No one can, no one will  Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh Victory belongs to Jesus  Victory belongs to him  Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh Victory belongs to Jesus  Victory belongs to him I had a dream during my nap today God. In the […]

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In The Water 

Hanging on for love, for you, youI can’t get enough of you, you 12/4/16 Todays sermon on Luke 2:22-32: The Foolish Way of Waiting 1. Abide  2. Be Prudent  3. Discern 4. Community Lord, I surrender the level of shame that I’ve had when it comes to publicly acknowledging, and letting it be known that […]

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